The Maghrib Prayer

This videos explains how to offer the Maghrib Prayer.

`Asr: The Middle Prayer

What is the importance of the middle prayer? What are the effects of leaving the `Asr prayer?

The `Isha’ Prayer

Enjoy listening to the verses recited with khushu’ and learn the movements made in each rak`ah including sujud and ruku`

All About Fajr Prayer

What is the reward of offering Fajr (Dawn) prayer in congregation? What are the consequences of missing the Fajr Prayer?

Fajr Prayer is Like a Good Investment

What are the virtues of offering Fajr and Isha’ Prayers in congregation?

How to Wake up for Night and Fajr Prayer

Why should a Muslim take a nap? What are the virtues of the Fajr (Dawn) Prayer?