The Etiquette of Urination in Islam

How does Islam emphasize on the etiquettes of entering the bathroom? What is the Prophet’s guidance in urination? What are the used substances in cleaning oneself?

When and How to Perform Ghusl

What are the cases that require performing ghusl? What is the minimum and maximum period of nifas? What a Muslim can do if there is no water for ghusl?

What Is the Difference Between Mani and Madhi?

Does madhi require performing ghusl? What is the ruling if one remembers that he had a wet dream, but find no witness on his clothes? How could you clean clothes from semen?

How to Perform Ghusl for Men and Women

How to perform ghusl? What are the acts that necessitate performing ghus? What are the supererogatory baths?

Discover How Islam Cares About Cleanliness

There are many texts from the Qur’an and the Sunnah that place emphasis on cleanliness. The Prophet (peace be upon him) gave a great attention to the cleanliness and purification of a Muslim.

Awrah of Men and Women in Prayer

What parts that should be covered during prayer? What kinds of garments that could be worn for women in prayer?