Great Advice from Prophet Muhammad to the Youth

We live in disturbing times. Nowadays, the youth only care about themselves. They have no respect for their parents or for society. They cannot be told a single thing. They believe themselves...

Nature of Allah

AUTHORS(S): Yasir al-Wakeel Islam is based on monotheism. Tawhid, the oneness of Allah, is an essential belief for all Muslims. Islam teaches that Allah, the one god, has 99 attributes. Although we...

The Advice the Prophet (S) gave to Abu Dharr

The Advice the Prophet (S) gave to Abu Dharr From Makarim al Akhlaq: Chapter Twelve Section Five, Page 458 Compiled by Sheikh al Jaleel Radiyu al Deen Abu Nasr al Hasan...

Prayer Times

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Hijri Calendar

The Islamic or Hijri calendar is based on a lunar month of 29 to 30 days, with the day starting at sunset. The Islamic year consists of twelve months: (1) Muharram, (2) Safar, (3) Rabi` Awwal, (4) Rabi` Thani, (5) Jumada Awwal, (6) Jumada Thani, (7) Rajab, (8) Sha`ban, (9) Ramadan, (10) Shawwal, (11) Dhul- Qi`dah, (12) Dhul- Hijjah.

Qiblah Finder

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