About Us

Hajj and Umrah

(The House of Spiritual Enlightenment)

Hajj and Umrah-an exclusive non lucrative organization working to serve the mankind doomed in darkness. We put a firm faith in striving not only for our own betterment but for assisting you in approaching the truth of life and exploring the purpose of your being in this world. We demand nothing from you but just to grab the light and enlighten your journey. We serve to preach what Allah wants, we aspire to feed your soul with Islamic teachings, we aspire to cherish your hearts with Allah’s ocean of love for you.
We do not seek any beneficiary returns rather Hajj and Umrah is a purely non-profitable platform inaugurated for Muslims and Non-Muslims to learn, discuss and trigger the spiritual growth of their religious life and to make your every single breath worth living, by devoting it in the search of the only truth-Allah the Almighty.
To smoothen the ways, to calm the minds, to glorify the souls, to revive the lives, the mystical Islamic teachings are put forth in the light of authentic Hadiths, Sunnahs and Verses from Holy Quran.